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Shop Visit: Visiting the Bayside Factories

Bayside is the pre-eminent maker of USA made and union made apparel in the country. I have visited their facilities over the past couple years. They are vertically integrated, taking cotton and other raw materials and turning them through all the steps to a finished garment. They have come a long way from their start with a couple of sewing machines in 1995 and their first catalog, which was one shirt in four colors.

Abdul Rashid is the CEO and the rest of the management team is all family. Abdul is an easygoing relaxed guy, especially when you consider the size of Bayside’s entire enterprise and the rapid continuous growth they have sustained. I interviewed people at all the facilities and had free reign to look at everything, poke around, talk to anyone (and without a chaperone,) and to ask any questions. I met dedicated employees, saw a very impressive operation, and witnessed only good working conditions. If you are buying a Bayside garment, you can feel good about where it came from.

Take a look at some of the knitting, dyeing, finishing and sewing involved in making millions of Bayside garments.


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