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T-shirts from Hell

We are headed to the SGIA show in New Orleans October 10th, it is coming right up.

I hope to check out my pal Brandon’s shop Inferno Merch and Screen Printing when I’m in New Orleans, so look for that in a couple weeks.

I love the wide range of people you meet in our industry, all the kinds of shirts, all the approaches to doing business, and in this case all the crazy ways people do their marketing.

Here is a piece Inferno did with a band they print for and it is pretty on fire…

New Orleans is the real deal music melting pot, a blast furnace of everything from hip hop to country.

Look for our Ink Kitchen show during SGIA which won’t have any metal (this time…) but it will have great cajun and also brass band music, Voodoo Oktoberfest II.



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