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T-shirt Illustration – This illustrates How to Illustrate for T-shirts

Mike T is not just a great artist, he has done some of the most exemplary illustrations for t-shirts that I have ever seen. This print of Biggie is also one of our best screenprints, but it all started with great artwork.

The piece is so good that a marketing company put this in Digital Direct to Garment advertisements because they thought that was how it was done.

Why is this such a good illustration for printing a great shirt? Here are four big reasons:

  • the right size of the detail, not too coarse and not so fine as to be unprintable on a shirt.
  •  limited color palette, ideal for color separation by means of simulated process.
  •  terrific use of the background shirt color, which in this case is black.
  •  no wide areas of color, so no big plastic print using plastisol inks. You can’t feel it, but people touching this sample always ask how we got it so soft.
  •  well-proportioned for the front of a shirt and in a size where you can do a good print.


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