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Rave On. Blacklight Ink

We discovered a cool Union Ink product this week called Black Light Clear. It is transparent when printed but glows under blacklight. We printed a normal ink and then printed the clear over it. It glows under blacklight. Rave On!

For $20 you can buy a blacklight to test your blacklight printing. The blacklight will also test for ethylene glycol poisoning (urine will glow) and LSD (quite ironically LSD will glow and common substitutes will not.)


  1. In the early 60s Andy Warhol made a few soft-porn silkscreen paintings that must have required ink like this – the image was invisible in normal light but visible in black light. See Marco Livingstone, “Do It Yourself: Notes on Warhol’s Techniques,” in the MoMA Warhol Retrospective catalog (1989).

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