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Web Wednesday– Super High Fashion

Web Wednesday – We are thinking of doing a fashion shoot like this at one of the next trade shows. Any volunteers to model?

Screen-Print Re-Label

We do a lot of re-label work, I mean a lot and much of our re-label work is direct screen-print.  Opportunity cost is one of my favorite terms commonly used by economists. It means giving up one alternative in favor of another, like using your production press to print interior labels. With that in mind,…

Misprint Monday: Charred Remains

The smell and the sight of smoke billowing from the out-feed of a dryer is a scary thing.  One brave employee reaches in with a broomstick to fish out a stuck (and now blazing) tee, another follows with a fire extinguisher to save the day.  This scenario has played out a few times over the…

Domingo Gigante–Un cubo de emulsión que es un poco como una tetera?

Un cubo de emulsión que es un poco como una tetera? Hey, a veces me gustan las pequeñas innovaciones mejor que las grandes. Se puede verter la emulsión mejor – más suavemente, con menos lío, y usted también puede hacerlo con una sola mano. Tener el cubo cerca de la torre de laca cuchara y…

Sponge Bob and His Friends

I’m always keeping my eyes open for cool or impressive techniques for shirts. I scan the attendees and the walls of the booths. There were three in the Rutland ink booth that caught my eye. The Sponge Bob print has a creative use of “blister base” used to portray Bob in all his spongey glory.…

Bunch a Know-It-Alls

At times the collective gathering of Know-It-Alls reached epic proportions on Day 2 of ISS Atlantic City

Tea Time?

An emulsion bucket that is a bit like a teapot? Hey, I sometimes like the little innovations better than the big ones. You can pour the emulsion better–more smoothly, with less mess, and you can also do it with only one hand. Having the bucket close to the scoop coater and pouring it slowly and…

ISS Atlantic City Day 1

Come see us at booth 1322 at the ISS Atlantic City show today, tomorrow and Sunday. We’ll answer your screen printing questions and tell you the best places to eat in AC.

TBT – Organic Man Redux

For Throwback Thursday, thoughts go to this photo of Stefan Bergill, organic man. It is baseball Spring Training time, Earth Day is coming up and there he is. The interview is as relevant as when I first did it. I have known Stefan Bergill since lived out West and he ran Patagonia’s Beneficial T’s program.…

Web Wednesday: Arsenal

The Arsenal may very well be a designer/printer’s best friend.  It’s chock-full of templates, filters, vectors, even business resources (plenty of freebies too).  Best, it’s all quality stuff presented tastefully.  Whether you are doing design or production art, their products will you augment your work.    

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