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ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Ray Ferriola of Donray Printing

Ray Ferriola knows pretty much everything there is to know about sublimation. In his Shop Talk he explains what the process of sublimation is, what you can do with it and what materials you can use it on.

ISS Atlantic City: Don’t Take The Train!

Don’t plan on taking the train from Philadelphia to Atlantic City because there is no train to Atlantic City from Philadelphia at the moment. Read about it here. A huge thanks to Ink Kitchen friend Richard Greaves for letting us know that the train from Philadelphia 30th St Station to Atlantic City has been off…

Shop Visit: Barrel Maker Printing

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Barrel Maker Printing. They have an office in downtown Chicago, but the main facility is in the Western burbs of Chicago. The owners are Justin and Erin Moore who started the shop in 2009. Justin gets my vote for funniest person in screenprinting, in the deadpan division. Erin…

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Megan Spire of Bella+Canvas

Megan Spire, Director of Distribution and Sales at Bella + Canvas, talks about the industry shift toward premium fashion garments and the advantages that fashion garments can provide for your customers and your shop.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Dov Charney

He’s controversial, he’s candid, he’s a force.  Dov Charney, of Los Angeles Apparel, talks about how transparency and authenticity are more important than buzzwords when it comes to ethics and sustainability.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talks: Bill Garvin

Want to know what $8 piece causes 85% of the problems that happen with your $25,000 embroidery machine? Watch this Shop Talk by Bill Garvin and find out.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talks: Michelle Moxley

Michelle Moxley, of M&R, reigns supreme as the queen of special FX screen-printing. When it comes to cutting-edge apparel decoration and treatments in a high-volume production environment she can teach you or school you, either way she’ll blow your mind with her legendary work.  

Testing for Dye Migration

I”m on many screenprinter groups on social media, etc. I still see many printers spouting a wealth of misleading information. Today we discuss the test, next post will be on some direction on finding solutions. Before you can get an answer to a problem, it is always best to define the problem. With dye migration,…

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talks: Jakprints

Nobody knows DTG like Jacob and Mike of Jakprints. Here’s the truth on DTG from the guys who’ve grappled and tamed this beast over the past 10 years.

Patriots Win! (Again…) Hot Market Printing

We printed Patriots victory shirts  on Sunday night.  Yes again. We might be the shop with the most practice at this hot market printing in the country, printing over 30 conference or world championships between the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. You can even throw in a couple of UConn, Eagles and Yankees victories…

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