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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Merch 2018, What’s Shakin’ for Trends

It always is interesting to look around and see what people are wearing for printed t-shirts. The research is extensive at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival where close to 500,000 people of all ages will attend and most of them are wearing t-shirts. The general trends continue to be very simple designs, one or two colors, distressed and/or faded. Lots more heathered shirts and lots less boxy shirts are in evidence all the time. Certain moments to me are revealing, one was I saw a 12 year old girl wearing a simple branded Champion shirt which is proof of what I already know which is that it is one of the hottest fashion brands right now.

Well on to the official shirts of the “Jazz Fest.” They do a brisk business. Interestingly they only sell during the fest in person, no on-line sales. Does scarcity make for more demand? I wish I knew but I have to wonder if they are missing out by not doing both as nobody really wants to carry that shirt around.

The official designs were mostly simple, tonal, hard to see from far away, and even if the designs were bolder the designs were still soft (for example the flowery shirt is sublimated, so super soft.)

Sublimated polyester shirt
My personal favorite, nice use of the dark color in the center to make the shirt less inky.
Subtle to the degree of not being readable from afar.
Five of about 20 different mostly simple caps.
Offering a wide assortment of bandanas.


Pricing for peripherals, the t-shirts were mostly about $30.



  1. Cheers to the 50th year celebration of Jazz Fest!!! It was awesome!!!

    However, I do feel we should be able to buy the wonderful T-shirts online, as well as at the festival. Lots of money being missed, because the die hard fest fans don’t have this option. Where y’at?

    1. I just show what they are producing at the Fest most years, it isn’t anything that Tom and I sell or print, and so we have no influence on their policies.

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