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Music and Screenprinting: Night Owl

My shop has had quite a few musicians work for me (Slim Cessna, Karate,…)  we all listen to music to get our asses in gear printing, we have music to concentrate in the office, we print for bands and festivals (for us Morphine, Mission of Burma, Farm Aid…) , so many musicians have gone from making their own merch to screenprinting (Jakprints, A Small Print Shop, Printed Threads…) and on and on. Truth be told I met my wife and social media guru Pam at a show where my former employee Slim Cessna (check him out, amazing live shows) was playing a show and her old friend was in the band.

I have some great playlists from printer pals out there to share in the coming weeks, and we’ll weekly post something musical and printing related for the foreseeable future.

First up is Night Owl in Houston, Texas.

Val and Eric Solomon, Night Owl proprietors.

Here are links to bands they print for, photos of shirts,  and they say they really listen to them all.  I’m personally a big Jawbreaker and Jeff Rosenstock fan, but they all are interesting. Here’s the list they sent:

Charly Bliss (all their jobs are printed with acrylic)

Scrollkeeper (their client specifically wanted screenprinting, not DTG, and it’s all acrylic)
Fela Kuti

Fela Kuti (Night Owl’s first Virus job) 
Descendents. All discharge.
Jawbreaker. All acrylic.
Here are links to playlists of these bands’ music:



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