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Misprint Monday: Preventing Scorching with a Transfer Press (Bottom Heat)

There are so many crazy fabrics out there, and we are all trying to decorate them. Transfers are a great option, but even applying transfers can cause scorching. At my shop we recently even had a low temp version causing scorching on some relatively expensive 1/4 zips.

For both stopping scorching (who cares if the inside scorches!) and for thick transfers, a heated bottom platen is the bomb. I would venture to say that it is essential at this point.

Hotronix and Geo. Knight make units with bottom heat, and many Hotronix presses can be retrofit as you see in the following photos.

The poor person’s version of this is to quickly tack the transfer on with a quick hit of a little heat and turn the garment inside out.

Good luck out there.

Bottom heating platen with its control unit.
Heat press before converting the bottom platen.
Underside of the new platen.

Lower heating platen and control unit before installation.



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