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Misprint Monday: Copyright Violation Frenzy

Recently I wrote some thoughts here about rampant copyright and trademark violation, which is aided and abetted by lax policies of on-line services. It is easier to put up some BS product blatantly stealing the artwork and design of others than it is to get them to stop.

This week I’m in the middle of a frenzy of producing Farm Aid merchandise and supervising its sale at the concert in Pittsburgh this week.

I’m looking for an existing image of a hat we did for them in the past and down I go into a rabbit hole of blatant copyright and trademark violation. There are 100’s of unauthorized Farm Aid items for sale on Amazon! Two hours of my life gone later, I’ve filed a form. I also asked Amazon for comment, let’s see what they say and how fast these bootleggers are shut down.

Check out the article by my buddy Andy MacDougal and look to the ink kitchen in the future as we are going to try and organize artists and designers to fight the blatant aiding and abetting of thieves of our work.

Check out this crap that passes as legit:


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