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Love of Work: Philosophizing on the Shop Floor

I majored in Philosophy and Religion in college. I guess I am drawn to the philosophical underpinnings of what people do.

Someone once told me about the concept of “love of work” that Germans have and used some expression with the German word for work “Arbeit.” I never have found where that exact expression comes from or an explanation of it anywhere. The closest I’ve found is “Arbeit um der Arbeit Willen” which means more Loving work for its own sake, work for work’s sake really.

A long time ago I spent hours in my basement figuring out how to print shirts with a pie plate, a 150 watt bulb and a squeegee and a few years later spent countless hours and dollars separating black and white photos. We printed a Robert Doisneau photo sixteen times to get it right and in the process of it, figured out all kinds of things. I rarely get that excited any longer, but this print we just did got me that charged up.

Great artwork by my pal KC and great printing by our Production Manager Raymald, and a print that is absolutely killer, a very realistic faux chenille print.

Sometime I love work. Sometimes.






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