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It’s a T-shirt Bro

These knuckleheads videotaped their fishing encounter with a weird looking but not rare sea creature called an ocean sunfish. The video of them declaring “it’s a tuna bro” and thinking it was some sort of sea monster went viral.

They are trying to capitalize on their Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame (go look up Simpson’s Season 5 Episode 12, “I Didn’t Do It” show for the best take on that type of fame.) This of course in this day and age includes t-shirts. The article in the Boston Globe today mentions not selling large quantities of shirts, but “selling them to people all over the country” so I’m not sure if wealth is going to follow their bro fame, but let’s root for the shirt printers.



  1. Sounds like the Jersey Shore all over again. The Shore Store made a killing selling heat pressed t-shirts and hats. They even had the cast members work there for free rent. Not sure how accurate the show was however.

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