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Fun? We have your damn fun. Lucky 13 Bash coming at you.

In a post on some forum on the internet this week somebody was saying that our industry, in particular our trade shows, are not fun. Fair enough.  Sometimes these things have been boring. We at the Ink Kitchen have been working the past few years to shake it up. I think we fell from lofty heights in the heyday of the business where Newman Roller Frames would have some sort of giant bash in a cool place and also we would all got wined and dined by our vendors. Then in the post NAFTA world the pennies got pinched, shirts started getting made by robots and maybe in Pakistan and trade show booths and expense accounts got smaller.

But hey, I’ve had just as much damn fun (or more) with poor people as I have with rich people. You just might have to be a little more creative and maybe a little more cooperative. In fact, I like to think of the Ink Kitchen as the straw that stirs the drink. Beer, rock, soul, food, friends = fun. Simple equation really. My marketing/artist friend Hayes Henderson once said the simple but in another sort of genius way phrase, “t-shirts should be fun.” True that.

Luckily we are not the only ones wanting to have fun and to liven things up. Josh at the ISS shows, Carly at NBM, and the powers at SGIA that actually let Brett Bowden and Tom plan ThreadX  are ready to be forces to lively up ourselves. All have committed resources to make our times together have more relevance both in terms of what we learn and the fun with which we will do that learning.

Join us after the NBM show on Friday April 13th, that’s lucky Friday the 13th at Motion Textile (Tom’s shop) for a truly epic bash. The Ink Kitchen Sacramento Lucky 13 Bash is going to be a blast. We have none other than the most rockingest most soulful band in the world The BellRays playing. If that isn’t fun enough, we have Sam Adams beer, we have good food, free cool shirts,  and did I say it before, this bash will be rocking. Be there or be square. And to take it even further in a positive direction,  this will also benefit a great charity, the Sacramento Food Bank who will come away with at least a couple thousand dollars.

More info will be forthcoming as we get closer to the show. Glory be to our friends for helping us put this on:  Printwear, Hirsch, SanMar, Hanes, Bella, Bayside, Alternative, Los Angeles Apparel, Boston Beer, Amy’s Kitchen, Union Ink, Action Engineering, Albatross, Stahls, Transfer Express, GSF, Douthitt, PriceIt, Saati, Champion, LAT Apparel, F&M Expressions, MHM, Tajima, KIWO, Ulano,, Rutland, and Jakprints for their generosity in making this happen.

Tomorrow I”m posting photos of our last bash, which was in New Orleans a few months ago, to whet  your appetite for this one.

For now, check out the BellRays:






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