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Favorite Shirts

Most of you reading this post are like me, you make your living selling and/or printing t-shirts. It is nice to remember that besides money we make people very happy with our work sometimes.

I saw my old friend Matt Gauland yesterday and he talked about how he loves his piles of t-shirts. He recently changed his room so that they are not in a dresser, but instead out on the open where he can view them.

His favorite shirt has been worn so often that it is threadbare. It is a Farm Aid shirt that KC Hruby and I designed years ago. It is a rebus (like Concentration, pictures make a phrase) that says Farmers Kick Ass. I’ve got some more and he will be wearing a new one soon.

Make a living, but also be proud of your work.

My friend Matt admiring his stacks of t-shirts.



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