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Design Theft

My pal Andy MacDougall wrote a great article in the recent SCREENPRINTING magazine.Basically there are jerks taking everyone’s images off the internet and DTG printing them on shirts and stuff and selling what they do not own.

The artist gets screwed three ways to Sunday, no money, their art is out there in a crappy low res form and they get no credit for it.

This is all bad enough, but many on-line purveyors of printing shirts and providing platforms for selling are aiding and abetting this process. All the time I catch people selling the shirt and sticker design that KC Hruby and I did for Farm Aid, “Farmers Kick Ass.”

Most of the on-line services then make me fill out a whole bunch of paperwork about how I own the design. Sorry, but this is ass backwards. If someone complains then the person doing the theft should have to prove that they own it, which of course would make 99% of them just have to take it down since they can’t prove they own diddly.

As Andy says, let’s not stand for this.




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