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Danny Sweem Named CEO of M&R

Danny Sweem was just named CEO of M&R, replacing founder Rich Hoffman who will stay on during the transition time. Look for more reporting on this in coming weeks.

What follows is the resume type facts about Danny Sweem. Let me say that I’ve known him for almost 25 years and he is one of the most decent guys in the industry or that you will find in any industry. A few things that aren’t in his CV are that he is a great Husband, a great Father, and a great friend. He also was a tremendous youth football coach, extremely innovative, way ahead of his time.

My experience with him is that he has given me great advice over the years, game changing types of advice.  He has solicited advice from me over the years and given me credit for it later when it worked out (not egotistical.) When my company Mirror Image was starting out and trying innovative techniques, he was one of our biggest supporters and really gave us a confidence boost when we most needed it.

Probably most revealing about Danny’s character is that twice I have had major issues with companies that Danny worked for and he resolved these in a fair way that saved us. One time he put his own job on the line to make sure his company did the right thing in a difficult situation.He’s a good man.

Here’s the CV info on Danny:

Danny Sweem is a 26 year veteran in the textile screen printing industry who began his career in retail as the owner of two small sporting goods stores in SC in the late 1980’s. He left retail in 1993 and began a career in the ink manufacturing side of the industry holding a variety of positions ranging from Technical Sales, Regional Sales and Director of Sales and Marketing at Rutland Plastic Technologies before leaving in 2000 to accept the role of Director of Sales and Marketing a large institutional T shirt manufacturer in Mount Pleasant SC. He returned to Rutland as Vice President of Screen Print Inks in the Spring of 2001 and became very active in helping expand the company’s footprint internationally. Danny left Rutland again in 2006 to open Hero Global Services, a small International Sales Representative firm specializing in eco-friendly chemicals for the energy, construction and apparel markets in Asia, the Middle East, North and South America. He joined Nazdar SourceOne in 2009 as Regional Sales Manager for the Southeastern USA, Central America and Island countries of the Caribbean. He currently holds the position of Vice President for Nazdar/SourceOne’s Textiles Inks Business Unit well that was true until yesterday.)



  1. Nazdar SourceOne’s lost is definitely M&R’s gain! We are going to miss home here for sure. His vision and leadership is beyond reproach. Personally I will miss my friend, mentor, and boss. Great thing are in store for Danny and M&R!

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