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ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Brett Bowden of Printed Threads

Brett Bowden, Founder/Owner of Printed Threads, sometimes known as “Screen-Print Jesus”, sermonizes on the importance of customer service.

See you at ISS Atlantic City 2019

There are so many reasons to come to Atlantic City for the ISS show starting tomorrow. First on my list is to eat a White House sub… but a close second is the Ink Kitchen Shop Talks (booth #1337) where we have many speakers who have not shared their extensive knowledge before and they are…

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Milissa Clark of US Blanks

Milissa Clark, of US Blanks, is the real-deal in custom apparel.  In this Shop Talk she discusses both the possibilities and the realities of custom cut-n-sew.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Megan Spire of Bella+Canvas

Megan Spire, Director of Distribution and Sales at Bella + Canvas, talks about the industry shift toward premium fashion garments and the advantages that fashion garments can provide for your customers and your shop.

The Totally, All-New, Impressions Shop Talk, Hosted by Ink Kitchen

We were thrilled to host Impressions Shop Talk at ISS Long Beach 2019.  Thanks to our collaboration with Impressions and the participation of our good friends we were able to present some of the best and brightest minds to the industry in a fun and candid format.  Perhaps you were there, maybe you weren’t, either…

Interview with Marcia Derryberry of Impressions at ISS Long Beach 2018

If you go to one trade show in a year, it should be the ISS Long Beach show. All the major players are there and you have the opportunity to see in-person what you might be interested in buying for your shop. It’s also the absolute best place to meet and network with other screen…

Fortune Favors the Bold

In business school I learned that Opportunity Discovery is one form of entrepreneurial opportunity. If demand exists and supply is not being met, that’s an entrepreneurial opportunity. A 22-year old Michigan college student is making the most of the state’s new recreational use marijuana law to run a t-shirt business that sells expensive t-shirts and…

Resolutions for the New Year

At this point it is such a cliche to make New Year’s Resolution, and so many people have the experience of making them and not keeping them that it can seem futile. However, setting goals, making timelines for those goals, and periodically reviewing those goals is always a good idea and a New Year is…

7 Truths and 7 Lies for a New Year

Some reflections at year’s end on lies and truth in our industry, here are a lucky 7 of each for you: Lies: “One Coat” ink is the answer to all your printing problems.” I made that name up, but no ink is the answer to all your printing problems. There is no miracle white ink…

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