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Tom Davenport Page 9

Some Killer Marketing

We could all take a lesson in marketing from SanMar & Hanes with this co-branded piece.  Over-zipper printing courtesy of some dude named Rick Roth 🙂      

Damaged Goods

We recently started offering fulfillment services.  There is so much to learn about the fulfillment business, from pick-and-pack to inventory control to high-volume shipping.  It’s both intimidating and exciting. On a humorous note, processing returns creates some spontaneous moments of laughter.  When product is damaged in shipping it can really get bad…

MHM’s iQ-Digital is Real

Working with MHM’s iQ Digital this morning and I’m starting to believe this is the future of garment decoration.  More to follow…  

Big Stuff at SGIA Expo 2016 Las Vegas

The doors open officially tomorrow morning at SGIA Expo 2016 Las Vegas.  Walking the floor the day before a show is my little tradition.  The opportunity to talk to friends and colleagues in a relaxed environment (not for the technicians of course) is both fun and informative. I’m really excited about a number of the new and/or…

It Glows!

Frankly, most of the glow-in-the-dark inks on the market SUCK. The results always seem to disappoint unless you are willing to lay down so much ink as to make for a totally undesirable hand and high-cost per print.  Thus, I’m super stoked on this high-solids water-based glow ink from Allureglow, USA (not a sponsor of The Ink…

The Print’n Teaches of Brett Bowden

Brett Bowden of Printed Threads goofing’ around.

ATKINSONTSHIRT: Social Activism on the Shop Floor

Good stuff from our friend Marshall Atkinson of ATKINSONTSHIRT.  Enjoy… Social Activism on the Shop Floor

Web Wednesday: The Worst T-Shirts of Lollapalooza 2016

Courtesy of CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND… The Worst T-Shirts of Lollapalooza 2016

Mis-Print Monday: Warriors Lose!!!

Hot market printing is exciting, stressful, fun, and frustrating all at the same time.  In the case of the 2016 NBA Finals a handful of us printers located in Northern California were a little down after the Golden State Warriors were defeated last night.  So this morning, as our team packs up 30,000 royal blue tees to be…

Web Wednesday: My awful handwriting is now a font thanks to

I have always had awful penmanship.  Now, thanks to I’ve immortalized my awful handwriting in font form. So, instead of using Helvetica as my go-to font for all purposes, “Tom’s Hand” will be my default font.  It was easy…  

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