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ATKINSONTSHIRT: Social Activism on the Shop Floor

Good stuff from our friend Marshall Atkinson of ATKINSONTSHIRT.  Enjoy… Social Activism on the Shop Floor

Web Wednesday: The Worst T-Shirts of Lollapalooza 2016

Courtesy of CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND… The Worst T-Shirts of Lollapalooza 2016

Mis-Print Monday: Warriors Lose!!!

Hot market printing is exciting, stressful, fun, and frustrating all at the same time.  In the case of the 2016 NBA Finals a handful of us printers located in Northern California were a little down after the Golden State Warriors were defeated last night.  So this morning, as our team packs up 30,000 royal blue tees to be…

Web Wednesday: My awful handwriting is now a font thanks to

I have always had awful penmanship.  Now, thanks to I’ve immortalized my awful handwriting in font form. So, instead of using Helvetica as my go-to font for all purposes, “Tom’s Hand” will be my default font.  It was easy…  

The Legend of Winterland Productions

Coming up in the industry and living in the SF Bay Area, the operation known as Winterland Productions was the stuff of legend and it seemed everybody had a story of working at or with the biggest, baddest, and coolest print shop around.  The company was founded by Bill Graham with the name of course…

A Little Fun on Friday… Roach Designs Vintage Advert

Came across this in Reddit Vintage Advertisements, enjoy…

The 3rd Annual Nashville Honky Tonk Hoedown

If you’re attending ISS Nashville c’mon and join us for the 3rd Annual Nashville Honky Tonk Hoedown at Layla’s.  Event starts at 5pm, right after the show on Thursday May 19th. It’s less than a 10 min walk from the show.  Authentic live rockin’ country music (The Rische Sisters!), drinks, and of course free t-shirts (courtesy of Hanes and…

Mis-Print Monday: 480 Bomb

This Mis-Print Monday comes from our buddy Joe Matarazzo of Good Fellas Merch.  The shocking video almost say’s it all but here’s the story from Joe himself: A can of screen opener fell onto the dryer belt, then rolled into the heat chamber and must have slipped off the belt and lodged itself somewhere inside of the…

Web Wednesday: Gildan to Acquire Alstyle Apparel

This is a big deal… Ennis, Inc. Announces Acceptance of $110 Million Superior Offer for its Apparel Division. Read the whole story here  

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