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Tom Davenport Page 28

Dye Migration Mitigation

A big shoutout to Mike Parker of The Brand Design Co. (Claremore, OK) for submitting these photos showing successful dye migration mitigation.  The top photo shows a print utilizing two base layers of Rutland Super Poly White which, while formulated for printing on 100% polyester, was not enough to block the dye migration on this very difficult substrate.…

Hot Market Heartbreak

Here’s the scenario:  Presses are ready, staff is ready, all are watching the game and the air is filled with tension.  In the last seconds the game is lost.  No printing, go home.  It’s truly disappointing, both emotionally and financially, when your team does not win in a hot market situation.  Come game day you’ve…

The New Ink Kitchen

Welcome to the new Ink Kitchen!

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