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Tom Davenport Page 24

One of my favorite designs we’ve ever printed

Perhaps it’s the tasteful and appropriate use of discharge inks, maybe it’s the organic cotton blank by our friends at Econscious, or it could just be that the Pogues are such a great band.  I don’t know, but sometimes it all just comes together and you end up with the perfect print.

Over the seam and off the hem

We get a lot of questions, from both customers and printers, about printing over seams, off hems, over zippers (zippers to be covered in a future post).  “can you do it?”, “how do you do it?”, “how do you maintain an even ink deposit?”.  Based on these questions and personally witnessing some really bad work…

Web Wednesday #1

It’s well known that the decorated apparel industry suffers from some of the worst websites around.  That goes for both suppliers and decorators alike.  But the trend is changing.  More and more companies are finally modernizing their online presence and more importantly are utilizing web technologies to the benefit of their business and customers. I…

Tee-rrific Tuesday #1

Yesterday we started a new weekly feature called “Mis-Print Monday” where we celebrate the positives that can come out of the worst of circumstances.  Today we start “Tee-Riffic Tuesday”, where we share a feel-good success story… aaaah.  I’ll start it off with one straight from the heart of yours truly: Last spring the Marketing Director…

Dye Migration Mitigation

A big shoutout to Mike Parker of The Brand Design Co. (Claremore, OK) for submitting these photos showing successful dye migration mitigation.  The top photo shows a print utilizing two base layers of Rutland Super Poly White which, while formulated for printing on 100% polyester, was not enough to block the dye migration on this very difficult substrate.…

Hot Market Heartbreak

Here’s the scenario:  Presses are ready, staff is ready, all are watching the game and the air is filled with tension.  In the last seconds the game is lost.  No printing, go home.  It’s truly disappointing, both emotionally and financially, when your team does not win in a hot market situation.  Come game day you’ve…

The New Ink Kitchen

Welcome to the new Ink Kitchen!

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