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Tom Davenport

IK goes to Bella+Canvas

Last week Jordan and I made a trip down to Bella+Canvas to get a full tour of the operation. Guided by our friends Sabrina and Hobie we were led through the sprawling campus from building to building, department through department.  To call this place impressive is an understatement.  If you have not had a chance…

MHM, FESPA 19, and Reasons to Love Bavaria

We made a recent trip to the beautiful Bavarian region of Germany with a three-fold agenda: 1. Visit the MHM factory (Erl, Austria) to see where the worlds best presses are made and meet the people who make them 2. Attend the FESPA 2019 Global Print Expo in Munich, Germany 3. Take in the sights,…

München, Here We Come

Writing this post from SFO International.  Tomorrow we arrive in Munich, ready for a week of working, learning, connecting, and of course, viel bier. After a couple of days exploring the city, our work week will start with a visit to the MHM factory located at the base of the Alps in Austria. Then, we…

Ink Kitchen on the Printhustlers Podcast

Ok, let’s get this straight… I was never a skate punk, I only had friends whom were skate punks.  I can’t ride a skateboard and I only own a few JFA records. Bruce Ackerman, founder of Printavo, has not only built an impressive business but he’s also proved you can be a nice guy doing…

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Brett Bowden of Printed Threads

Brett Bowden, Founder/Owner of Printed Threads, sometimes known as “Screen-Print Jesus”, sermonizes on the importance of customer service.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Milissa Clark of US Blanks

Milissa Clark, of US Blanks, is the real-deal in custom apparel.  In this Shop Talk she discusses both the possibilities and the realities of custom cut-n-sew.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Jason Murphy of SanMar

Jason Murphy, friend of the Ink Kitchen, and an all-around good guy, talks transfers and more. Meanwhile, Rick defends himself from Pam’s heckling.  

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Ray Ferriola of Donray Printing

Ray Ferriola knows pretty much everything there is to know about sublimation. In his Shop Talk he explains what the process of sublimation is, what you can do with it and what materials you can use it on.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Megan Spire of Bella+Canvas

Megan Spire, Director of Distribution and Sales at Bella + Canvas, talks about the industry shift toward premium fashion garments and the advantages that fashion garments can provide for your customers and your shop.

ISS Long Beach 2019 Shop Talk: Dov Charney

He’s controversial, he’s candid, he’s a force.  Dov Charney, of Los Angeles Apparel, talks about how transparency and authenticity are more important than buzzwords when it comes to ethics and sustainability.

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