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TBT – Simple Isn’t Necessarily Easy (Marty Bailey)

TBT – This appeared almost exactly one year ago. Marty Bailey (left) is the CMO of American Apparel. He’s the man behind the scenes there.  He is a big part of their success and also in how they treat their workers. (It is simple, he said once, “respect everyone.”)  I asked him about ten years…

Throwback Thursday – Organic ink!

Mirror Image makes and prints an ink for t-shirts that is organic and so safe you can eat it.

Printed Threads

Stuck in Dallas by a big snowstorm I took advantage of it and visited Brett Bowden and his shop Printed Threads. I saw creative prints. I saw good quality basic prints. I saw a cool guy doing cool stuff.     The idea of Brett’s that I got most charged up about was his “Petey’s Secret Shirt…

American Apparel

I dropped by for a visit at the American Apparel factory in downtown LA today and was shown every aspect of production. Nothing was off limits. American Apparel is the real deal–a large-scale production facility making goods in the USA and treating their workers fairly. I’ll show you more later. –Rick

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ISS Long Beach Show 2014: Serious Beards, Serious Screenprinters

Lot of beards. Lot of screen printing experience.

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