Misprint Monday: Stupid Artificial Intelligence

Data mining, artificial intelligence, and automation aren’t always a great substitute for people’s brains and judgement, as the following t-shirt story illustrates.

The Hustle has an on line story or maybe a cautionary tale about using algorithms and Facebook data to make very specific t-shirt offerings. The keywords and interests were mashed up and served up to be very specific to you (supposedly) so that you get that offering of a shirt that says, “Don’t Mess with Dads Who Like Monkeys and Listen to The Dead Kennedy’s.” (I didn’t get that offering, but I could have.) Just as rudimentary science gave us the prospect of the Frankenstein monster, we have the digital age giving us the unintentionally twisted t-shirt offering of “Keep Calm and Grope On.” (Well, that might work for the President.)

One more reason that information and automation should be used as tools not our masters lest we be the tools in the end.

We’ll leave you with a few more examples of custom orders by automation gone daft.

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