Misprint Monday: North Korea Unveils New Intercontinental T-shirt Cannon

Great piece on new North Korean technology at Bluerock Public Radio’s website.

Satire is a great weapon.

It does give me occasion to tell of my interaction with a t-shirt cannon. Some years back I was at a minor league hockey game of the Providence Bruins. Some up with people looking folks skate out between periods and try to whip the crowd into a frenzy to have a t-shirt shot to them in the crowd. Your resident curmudgeon says to his pals Richard and Matt, “wtf why would we yell for a stupid t-shirt with a corporate logo on a white shirt that probably cost $1.75.”

Of course the shirt is shot directly to me. I have a pretty good arm and from fairly high in the stands I throw the shirt back to the ice. Several other patrons applaud and some guy comes up to me and says, ” I always wanted somebody to f’n do that!” Then a couple other people threw the shirts back and the crew retreated off the ice, promotion over.

So if you get that shirt sent over from North Korea, you know what to do it…


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