Too Much Focus? Making Errors by Trying to Avoid Them

I’ll do a future post on tips and tricks for avoiding errors. Here is one that reared it’s ugly head. Last week we sponsored the Pawtucket Film Festival. I focused hard on not messing up the name of one of the musicians. Her name is spelled A-L-L-Y-S-E-N which is unusual at least in the States (she was born in the UK.) I was so focussed on getting that right that I missed the misspelling of her last name which is “Callery” not “Cassel. ” Three other people that work for me missed it as well. At least we only had to re-do a few posters and it was caught prior to making programs and shirts.


Callery is correct, “Cassel” is not. Allysen is unusually spelled but correct.

Her performance went great and she loved the posters…

I relearned to take a deep breath and check my work a few times and get someone else to do it for me as well…


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