How Many Shirts Should We Print for Our Event?



That could be the article, just 10%. In thirty years of printing, once I saw 30% of a crowd at an event or congress buy shirts. That was in a perfect confluence of great positive energy and a fantastic design. Mostly I see 5 to 10% no matter how good the design is. If the design is not good, then don’t print it at all would be my advice.

I just was advising a customer regarding an upcoming conference in March of this year. We came up with a great design and he was asking about pricing on 500 to 1000 shirts. The attendance maximum will be 1500. In the service of keeping the long term relationship (and telling the truth) I had to advise him to do less shirts. We settled on 125 shirts.

Later today I’ll have more on the motivation behind that advisement.

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