Paradigm II – DTG/Screenprint Combo – ISS LB…

HIrsch and SPSI are representing Kornit, who make the best Digital Direct to Garment (DTG) presses. They also both represent MHM who make the best screen printing presses. Now there is a pretty amazing cooperative effort that probably only MHM and Kornit could pull off successfully. They have come out with the Paradigm II as a cooperative venture.

The Paradigm II is an MHM rotary textile press that integrates a Kornit DTG head into the system. With this press you can print your full color image, add a pantone or High Density screen or whatever you want. You can also print a discharge base down first, which would be close to impossible to do digitally. So you get faster printing speeds as well as softer prints. In addition you can print specialty inks on top of the full color DTG print. Another use will be to print a screen with important Pantone colors (Pepsi blue, Coke red anyone?)  within a print, something that DTG does not always do well on its own.

People have played around with this combo concept previously, but this looks for the first time to a working viable system. Check it out at the Kornit Booth #1047 and go talk to either Hirsch booth #673 or SPSI booth $947.

IMG_2671 IMG_2670


Digital Direct to Garment on top of screenprinted discharge print.


Discharge underprint gets screenprinted

image3 image4 nodryer








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