It’s a New Year!

Yes, we all brought in the New Year with our friends and family several days ago, but for most of us today is the real start of 2015.

Though I know it is wise to plan for the coming year well in advance, I always seem to struggle with actually doing so.  For me, as with most printers, the months of April through December are a total blur.  We are so busy that we can barely meet customer demand, let alone think about next year’s marketing plan.  By the end of the year I am completely drained and ready for a holiday.  I just can’t get my creative juices and energy up until the start of the New Year at which point I proceed to utilize the calmer first quarter to plan and implement changes and initiatives.  I know this approach would not work if we were a much larger company but we’re not, so what, it works.  Today, rejuvenated by time spent with my family and the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe, I’m bursting with energy.  I went to town on a checklist of items which had lingered for far too long and started a new list of projects and goals for 2015.  It was great to work with a level of clarity that I haven’t had in some months.  But most importantly I took some time to reflect on the successes and failures of 2014, both personally and professionally.

One success that I am most proud to mention is that this January marks the one-year anniversary of the (new) Ink Kitchen.  When Rick and I discussed the idea of establishing a site/knowledge-base for printers and by printers in October of 2013 we immediately went to work because we both believed in the idea.  By January 2014 we were up and running and by the end of the year we had amassed well over 300 posts, exhibited at several industry conferences, put together a benefit show, organized a panel at SGIA, and connected/reconnected with countless individuals and companies in the textile printing community.

Rick and I (and Pam, without whom we could not make the Ink Kitchen function) are very happy with the development of the Ink Kitchen as well as the overwhelmingly positive response from the community.  We have so much in store.  Thank you for your support.

Happy 2015!


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