Image is Everything

Andre Agassi wasn’t kidding when when he said “image is everything”.  It was true for both Canon cameras and the man himself (oh those feathery locks).  In all seriousness though, the phrase truly does apply to screen-printing.

This shirt is one that I include in presentations, simply to show our customers why we use so many colors (whites, blacks, and shades of gray) to produce a black and white graphic…


It serves it’s purpose well, but beyond that it always seems to leave a very strong impression.  It’s a fairly simple print/separation.  It’s not really our best printing.  And yet, it’s serves as a strong representation of our work.  Why?  Because it’s such a striking image.  It’s funny, but so much of our best, or most technical,  printing is wasted on lackluster graphics.  Great screen-printing starts with great artwork.  Image is everything.


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