Trash is for Tossers

Most of us aren’t going trashless like Lauren Singer. However, she is pushing the envelope and trying to do something positive. Plus she is a non-UK person using the word “tosser”, so she can’t be a wanker. Her blog Trash is for Tossers is pretty interesting.

In our industry I know that many folks are trying to come up with ideas to cut waste and pollution. Marshall Atkinson for example has lots of posts on that subject on his blog atkinsontshirt: unofficial ramblings of Marshall Atkinson. However, with all due respect Lauren is a bit more glamorous.

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Lauren Singer

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Not Lauren Singer

Trash is for Tossers recently focused on waste in the fashion garment industry and she took a look at the work of Daniel Silverstein and his Zero Waste Clothing in an article she called “The Piece Project: Part One.”

To quote Ms Singer: “Daniel and I definitely agree on something – you can have strong ethics, live a sustainable life, be Zero Waste, and not sacrifice style. One of my favorite things ever is that when people meet me, they expect me to LOOK like I lived in the woods for 23 years. They say “I would never know that you live this lifestyle by looking at you.” Well, HELLO, I live in NYC, and let me preface that I’m obviously cool with people that live this way – but what did you expect, dreads and a knapsack filled with all of my worldly possessions? No. That’s just not me.”

Check it out and if you aren’t charged up on the subject of waste in the garment industry,  you can get your jollies from the one that precedes it on the blog which was about waste-free sex.

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