TBT – “Nomah”

I just found this old shirt that we printed for our own amusement. I took the front Cubs logo off a 1960’s Ron Santo of the Cubs baseball card I had. On the back was written “Nomah” which was an approximation of Nomar Garciaparra’s name pronounced with a Boston accent. Nomah has been a star with the Boston Red Sox but by some reports he had a bad attitude and he was too much of a free swinger (and the Sox were early adopters of the taking endless pitches approach to batting) and Nomar was shuffled off to the lowly Chicago Cubs. The Sox went on to win the World Series. In fairness, nobody remembers but actually Nomar had been playing well right before the trade and was part of the push the Red Sox made to advance. In fact his Sox teammates voted him a 3/4 world series share when they won it all.

I wore the shirt and was amused and I gave a few to friends. Bill Janovitz of the great Boston band Buffalo Tom used to wear one on stage.

Shirt printing at least is fun sometimes even if it isn’t necessarily that lucrative.

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