T-shirts, the Next Wave of Capital Generation… Ello Turns to Shirts for $

Apparently according to the piece “Ad-free social network Ello turns to branded t-shirts for revenue” this could be the next wave of capital generation. The report says that Ello is only making money from t-shirts, not from use of their app. I hope the t-shirts are better than the app. I know I’m one of thousands that checked out the app after seeing what a good idea it is, only to find the app was not ready for prime time.

I couldn’t find a reference to it on line, but I know that one of the umpteen attempts to revive Indian motorcycles was selling shirts at a brisk pace before they actually had bikes for sale. I don’t think the shirts ever did as well as the bikes…

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.30.40 PM


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