Setting Yourself Apart – Guest Post by Brett Bowden

From our pal Brett Bowden of Printed Threads:

As the leader of a growing company,  I feel like it is necessary to be around other business owners at my level as well as mentors that can help me get to the next.  Whenever I meet with a new “mentor”  I always hear the question, “What do you guys do to set yourselves apart?”   Thats a really hard question to answer.   A lot of people say,  our quality is the best, our pricing is the best, our staff is the best… and that is just a bunch of garbage.  After hearing those responses and rolling my eyes, I realized that I needed to find a way to set ourselves apart without using the word “best.”

A couple years ago, I looked around at what we do and the kind of customers we work for.  Because most of us come from a musical background, we found ourselves printing for bands, venues and music festivals.  I realized that if we are providing all of the services leading up to music festivals, we might as well provide them at the festivals.  So, we spent a year or so vending festivals when I realized that no one is making as much off of merchandise as they should be.  There is no way to order the perfect amount of shirts for every random demographic,  so why not print a bunch of shirts onsite and only charge the festival for the amount of shirts that we print.   Now they just have 100% profit and we market our company to the masses.
This year during festivals season we have been asked to be a part of something nearly every weekend and it has been profitable for us as well as our customers… it is a real win, win.

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