Todrick Hall, New Model Customer

Interesting story here developed over a couple days at Mirror Image. Todrick Hall called and needed shirts in a hurry. He of the over 40 million views on Youtube. He loves the Wizard of Oz and has the ink to prove it on his arm (though I neglected to get a photo of that.) He’s been very successful but he is very down to earth and a really nice guy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 4.55.24 PM

Nothing more glamorous than visiting Mirror Image, well… actually maybe there are things more glamorous.

As is the case so many times, haste makes waste and we got some of the blanks wrong and printed them and he arrived here yesterday to one of those awkward moments where lots of effort has gone very wrong.

Instead of storming out of here mad, he is a very cool guy and we worked things out. We went into overdrive to get him more shirts, and he even went and picked up some of the blanks himself to save time. We printed the shirts immediately today and we turned a bad thing around to be good.

In the end he has shirts in time for his show tonight, we have a new good customer and he has an extremely loyal vendor as we always double our efforts for good folks.


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