(Near) Misprint Monday: First Print Approval

It doesn’t happen very often but when it does I always ask myself the same question, “how did we all miss this?”.  A typo, right in front of your face goes unnoticed by all involved parties: designer, end-user, distributor, and printer.  It is only caught moments before production is set to commence during a “first print approval” at which time the print is inspected for quality, color accuracy, correct sizing, placement, and yes, spelling.  If you do not have a thorough first print approval process in place I highly recommend doing so.  CYA…


“awareness” spelled correctly on the print run

Screenshot 2014-09-23 14.58.06

“awarenss” spelled incorrectly. At least a dozen people, myself included, had viewed this design multiple times before it went to press. Nobody caught the mistake until “first print approval”

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