Quick Turn to Ferguson

Two things about this photo:

1. Uber damn rush job

2. Screenprinter involved in current events directly

Rush: I got a call on my cell from Amnesty International at about 1:30PM to see if we could get shirts to Missouri by the next morning. I checked that we could push some things and just work later and insert the job, but black shirts that we had on hand with yellow writing. Got a call back, please please we want yellow shirts, Amnesty yellow. I found somebody to drive and begged local distributor to pull the shirts immediately and they got their yellow shirts. Then I called our art department, who created the art and sent it to customer for approval. We had approval quickly (amazing how many customers in a rush don’t do their part, but that’s another story) and made films and were exposing screens when the shirts arrived. We printed the shirts in time to get to our wonderful UPS driver, who we had called to come a little later if he could. We sent the tracking number to the customer who breathed a large sigh of relief and then UPS did their thing and the shirts arrived the next morning. That was a quick turn.

Current Events: The action of the human rights organization Amnesty International to send observers to the protests in Ferguson, MO was unprecedented and widely reported by MSNBC, the Washington Post, and many other media outlets. Part of what they were doing was to just be witnesses to what was going on and the bright yellow boldly printed “OBSERVER” shirts were an integral part of that. It is not that often you see your shirts in news reports.

Bright Yellow Amnesty International Observer Shirts

Bright Yellow Amnesty International Observer Shirts

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