#TBT – The Customer from Heck

For this Throwback Thursday I’m sharing a video a shop made a few years ago. This is painful to watch. It is also hilarious, and I think nearly every line in it I have actually heard, and many of the lines I have heard over and over.

There are a bunch of swears, don’t watch if you can’t handle cursing.

They nailed one concept, don’t ever put your logo on a shirt to sponsor it. You won’t get any business, you’ll be marked as a sucker for as long as all those shirts exist and five hundred other people will ask you for free shirts in exchange for your logo being on their shirts.

I actually don’t like taking people’s money if they don’t know what they are getting into. My new method is to just have them pay for a couple hours consulting about what is involved in starting a clothing line. Most folks at that point bail on the idea, and I save them money they would otherwise be throwing away.

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