Happy 4th!

It’s the 4th of July!  This is perhaps my favorite holiday as it presents me with a people watching paradise in the form of the East Sacramento Independence Day Parade.  This parade is billed as the oldest West of the Mississippi.  Here thousands of people congregate in an affluent neighborhood and walk around the block, the excitement is provided by free flowing booze (at 10 am!), scantily clad young women and their scantily clad mothers, Army Hum-V’s, and fire trucks.  That’s the parade.  ‘MERICA!

You may ask what does this post have to do with screen-printing?  The ubiquity of patriotic themed t-shirts of course.  At this event and around the nation people love to sport tees decorated in red, white, and blue, American flags, eagles, etc.  A real boon for Old Navy.  I guess nothing expresses love for country quite like a screen-printed t-shirt.  If you don’t believe me take a look at a Google image search for patriotic t-shirts.  True.  And here are a couple of images from today’s parade (don’t mind the quality of the photos, I was trying not to be creepy taking photos of people I don’t know)…

IMG_7240 IMG_7242    IMG_7248 IMG_7249  IMG_7254 IMG_7256 IMG_7258 IMG_7259


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