What is Your Supplier Doing for You?

Somehow it always bothered me that our former sales rep was collecting commissions on our business and did absolutely nothing to earn it.  Our current rep, Brock Jensen of SPR, showed me the way it should work…

You see, last year we had to switch to “low VOC” chemistry for screen reclamation to comply with our Air Quality Management District.  Since adopting the new chemistry reclamation has been a nightmare.  Both quality and productivity have suffered.  Brock came in for two full days to get the system back on track.  He experimented, he cleaned, he trained (en Espanol!), he busted ass for us.  We’ve got more work to do but it’s a good start.  Thanks Brock!

Chances are you spend a good deal of cash on supplies.  Your sales rep is collecting a commission on your spend.  Ask yourself, “what is this guy/gal really doing for me?”

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