Carts, Carts, Carts and More Carts

Tom posted that he has literally hundreds of carts in his shop and he means hundreds. I posted that I waited way too long to make more carts. Here is another cart story.

My friend’s shop is in a poor part of town and there are lots of industrious types, so to speak, as in collecting lots of bottles and cans for return. At first he was bummed out because these folks would leave lots and lots of shopping carts all around his building. He would call the vendor involved and they never would come get the carts. Have you ever tried to throw a shopping cart in the trash? Hey, one’s person’s trash is another’s treasure. My buddy just started turning the shopping carts into shirt carts as you can see from these photos. Maybe not “genius” but pretty cool.

carts3 carts7 carts6 carts4 carts1 cart5

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