Super Gel

My good pal KC Hruby did the art on this piece. It is a great example of being creatively thinking about some artwork and how it can go on a shirt, instead of either just sticking existing artwork on a shirt, or even picking from an existing bunch of techniques.





The artwork came through and included a signature photo of Alejandro Sanz, of him looking through a glass. KC then had the idea to take the photo and put a new High Density gel on it that we had at the time which would look very much like glass. Then he said, “Hey, if it is going to be already a strip of gel, obviously inky and not soft, let’s put some gel under the photo and print on top of it. The halftones on the ink instead of the shirt fabric will allow us to hold finer halftones and we can print this at 85 line easily.”


It all worked like a charm and it was a great piece and highly successful for the customer.

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