Tee-rrific Tuesday #1

Yesterday we started a new weekly feature called “Mis-Print Monday” where we celebrate the positives that can come out of the worst of circumstances.  Today we start “Tee-Riffic Tuesday”, where we share a feel-good success story… aaaah.  I’ll start it off with one straight from the heart of yours truly:

Last spring the Marketing Director from our favorite local natural foods co-op (one of our very first customers) called me to say that she had decided to go to work full time for a local non-profit urban farming project, Soil Born Farms, which she had helped found years ago.  They were putting on a huge event and they needed tees for staff, volunteers, and attendees.  They wanted organic cotton tees with water-based printing and they were on a tight budget.  Ouch!  We met for coffee and discussed options, albeit limited options, and determined that by leveraging their tasteful branding and selecting the right shirt in the right color, we could create the perfect tee for their purposes.  It would be simple and tasteful and delivered on budget (we also worked out a little trade for CSA boxes to help offset their costs.  Nothing better than locally grown produce).  The Day on the Farm Event was a huge success for Soil Born and of course the tees were a big part of it.

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