What’s a T-shirt Worth?

Today’s column is by my buddy Bill Mooney. He has an entertainment and music industry merchandising company. called Tannis Root. He’s a good guy with a great business. He also has had the most kick ass industry parties to celebrate his decades in business and I got to see Sonic Youth, the Condo Fucks, Mudhoney and Redd Kross at his bashes. Sustainability is a word
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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Merch 2018, What’s Shakin’ for Trends

It always is interesting to look around and see what people are wearing for printed t-shirts. The research is extensive at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival where close to 500,000 people of all ages will attend and most of them are wearing t-shirts. The general trends continue to be very simple designs, one or two colors, distressed and/or faded. Lots more heathered shirts
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Danny Sweem Named CEO of M&R

Danny Sweem was just named CEO of M&R, replacing founder Rich Hoffman who will stay on during the transition time. Look for more reporting on this in coming weeks. What follows is the resume type facts about Danny Sweem. Let me say that I’ve known him for almost 25 years and he is one of the most decent guys in the industry or that you
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Rick Named One of “The Most Creative People in Promo”

In a sweep of journalistic bravado, the latest edition of Counselor Magazine likens Rick to other titans of change agency like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as they name him one of “The Most Creative People in Promo.” It’s hard to follow that with anything more impressive, so I’ll just leave the link to the article right here.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Hanes: Chris Fox in the News

PPAI media focused today on Chris Fox who is in charge of corporate social responsibility at Hanes. The article outlines the commitments he leads there in terms of treatment of workers, community development, and environmental responsiblity. Lo and behold, some of the initiatives not only were the ethical but actually made good business sense.

Where was your shirt made? How was your shirt made?

There is an article in the New York Times  this past Sunday about the human toll and the environmental toll of the international garment industry in Savar, Bangladesh. That’s the location where the Rana Plaza factory collapsed and killed at least 1,129 workers and injured over 2000 others, many permanently. Today will mark the fifth anniversary of that horrible tragedy. Sewing garments is inherently difficult
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Wow. Fun Party for a Good Cause. Lucky 13 Bash

Our partner in this endeavor we call theInkKitchen.com pulled out all the stops on Friday and we had the Lucky 13 Bash. Tom Davenport’s Motion Textile was transformed into  a graduate program in advanced screen printing, a beautiful cool club for the evening, a gathering of many good and knowledgeable folks in our industry to hang out, and all for the benefit of the Sacramento
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Misprint Monday: Ink Color Substrate Issues

We recently printed some expensive UnderArmour reversible jerseys for a contract customer. It didn’t work out very well. As you can see from the photograph, on the black background the letters look “yellow” and on the white the letters look “gold.” To be more exact,  the white jersey printed at Pantone 1235c and the black jersey printed at 1225C. How did this happen? We actually
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Big Party Tomorrow, You are Invited

You can check out a state of the art screenprinting shop tomorrow in Sacramento, my buddy Tom Davenport’s shop is pretty awesome. You can see a video of it here, but actually it is more impressive in real life. In person will be best, but we’ll also have photos and videos the next few days, look for them on this site but also via Facebook
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